Recently on SmartMe you could read a text about gates and their closed software ("Zigbee - what is it about and which goal to choose“), In which my article, Fr. CC2531 and Zigbee2MQTT. Since the publication of the article, the Sonoff Zigbee Gateway has appeared. Most importantly, you can download Tasmota software to it for about a month. So we test the gate Sonoff Zigbee with Tasmota software and cooperating devices.

What do we gain from the Sonoff Zigbee gateway and software? Support for devices, not only those from Sonoff. So this is another gateway that will be a universal Zigbee Relay.

Information for smart beginners

What is Tasmota? This alternative software allows more configuration than the original software. To upload them to the device, we need to get inside, connect the programmer, which costs about PLN 10-20. A minimum knowledge of how to connect and upload the software is also required. Often, sellers offer an upload when buying. The only thing we lose then is the ability to control the original ewelink application.

What is Zigbee? It is a device communication protocol. It does not burden the WiFi network, has an easily expandable range through any Zigbee device connected to the power supply. It also has very low transfer latency, so it works great with motion detectors, switches, sensors, etc. It is becoming more and more popular, but requires a gateway and compatible devices. When we start our adventure with smart devices, it is worth considering whether to add a few zlotys to a device that supports this protocol instead of traditional WiFi or rf433.


At the beginning, we upload soft Tasmoty. I will not however, he wrote, because it is loaded like any other Sonoff (programmer, cables, tasmotizer and ready!). We set the IP address in the gate.

Then paste or enter the code in the console: Weblog 3 Backlog; so65 1; Module 75

Then we upgrade with the downloadable ota file HERE. It's best to download the file to your computer and select it from the gateway to upload from your local device. The last step in the console is to set the name, port, etc. The easiest way to paste the next line of code:

backlog rule1 on system # boot to TCPStart 8888 endon; rule1 1; template {"NAME": "Sonoff ZHABridge", "GPIO": [56,208,0,209,59,58,0,0,0,0,0,0,17], "FLAG": 0, "BASE": 18 }; module 0

From now on, you will start to see incomprehensible lines of code appearing in the console, but don't worry about that.

We set the rest in the Home Assistant. Configuration -> Integrations -> Configure a new integration (click on "+" in the lower left corner of the screen). We choose Zigbee Home Automation and Manual Settings.

zigbee home assistant

As the radio type, we choose EZSP = Silicon Labs EmberZNet Protocol (...)

zigbee Tasmota, configuration

And in further settings of serial device patch, we enter our Sonoff gateway IP, but with parameters like in the example: socket: // 8888. In the port speed we set the value: 115200. From now on we can find and pair Zigbee devices.

zigbee Tasmota configuration

I found the method for the Sonoff goal on the website Digiblur. I personally checked it on devices:

  • Aqara Lumi sensor (motion sensor),
  • Aqara Relay (double relay with the option of connecting a switch),
  • Aqara temperature, humidity and pressure sensor,
  • OSRAM Plug 01 (socket that also shows energy consumption).

Despite many attempts and detections by the Zigbee Home Assistant, the gate does not see the Cube entity (Aqara Qube) and the small Aqara round button (Xiaomi Mijia). However, I hope that with some Home Assistant update the situation will change and I will be able to inform you about it.

Comparison of the Sonoff Zigbee gate with CC2531

The advantages are definitely:

  • faster reaction,
  • better range,
  • greater mobility (I connect in a room where I have more devices, and the equipment communicates via WiFi).

The disadvantages of Sonoff Zigbee include the following:

  • it does not show all the parameters that I had in CC2531 (e.g. signal strength),
  • does not support, I hope only temporarily, the devices that I wrote about above,
  • it is a bit more expensive than CC2531.

Electronics is in your blood! Krzysiek is an editor and designer at SmartMe operating in the area of ​​Home Assistant. He often likes to build solutions himself and develop his passion related to smart home. In his free time he loves taking pictures and we love to publish them 🙂

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