Mi Band 5 is the hottest band this year. And now you can also get it for free, thanks to the competition on AliExpress. If there is an option, then why not use 😉

If I wrote about the advantages of Mi Band 5 again, it would be 345 once, so I refer you to the article where I described it more broadly. The new Xiaomi armband has a chance to become the next sales leader, looking at the amount of emotions it evokes.

And today we have another great news for you. The Xiaomi MC Store is a store well known to Xiaomi fans who buy equipment on AliExpress. I don't know how many times I've bought something from them. Now, however, they have done an interesting promotion.

20 people selected randomly today, and 30 people tomorrow will get a refund for Mi Band 5. Let's combine it with good prices and guaranteed success! Just use the discount code - 13MIBAND5.

  • Mi Band 5 China with shipping from China will cost a little over 100 zł!
  • If you do not want to wait, you can choose shipping from Spain for which you will pay 20 PLN and pay as a result 120 zł.
  • You will pay approximately for the global version 130 zł.

All offers are therefore very good! And the additional incentive in the form of a refund is encouraged 😉 Link to the competition Mi Banda you can find here.

And if you don't want to wait, we remind you that the premiere in Poland already any day!

Polish group Smart Home by SmartMe

Polish group Xiaomi by SmartMe

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