Perhaps you are wondering how, when and why my adventure with smart products for children began? Please note that the entire post is written in a very subjective way. The reader will not find absolute truths here, but some kind of clue. I will be very pleased if you find something from this post interesting or inspiring 🙂

My mother has always said that I like good and expensive products. Since my mother has been saying this since I can remember, it means that there is something to it. Why expensive? Because usually the price (but not always) is better quality. And when I was single, it was usually like that - I bought good (relatively more expensive - especially for a student) products that served me quite long and effectively.

I went out with a similar approach when buying things for children. In my first pregnancy, I read a lot of blogs. I especially like the blog we have gadgetswhere I found many useful tips. For example, it is better to buy a used truck from a good company than a new no name truck from China for the same price. I have already checked several pushchairs and I know that this advice really worked for me.

There are products that I do not save on and I am not looking for cheaper replacements - I mean car seats. There are also products that I am looking for at the cheapest prices - e.g. wet wipes with 99% water content. And there are Smart products, which ... well, which I am looking for all the time ... and on which I sometimes try to save money, and sometimes not.

My perception of smart products has changed over time. I have described it in more detail, e.g. using an example lights . But also my attitude towards smart products has changed over time. In this article, I would like to focus on attitudes.

In my first pregnancy, I had a lot of fears related to fulfilling my new life role, which is that of my parents. For example, I bought a million gadgets to put my children to sleep. Many of them did not work for my son. My first reaction was… what are these smart products if they don't work! but my husband had a different kind of question in his head ... how could something so "stupid" cost so much. Let's face it… five years ago, smart products for kids were very expensive. Fortunately, I have noticed a drop in prices over the past five years. And over time, I also realized that smart products for children are a very individual matter. And the fact that a product does not suit our child does not mean that it is not a smart product.

But coming back to attitudes - parents are very often anxious. We have a lot of fears (often very well-founded) with the first child and we try to prevent them as soon as possible. That is why I value smart products that care for our health and safety so much as smart thermometer. It is worth using them and it is worth remembering that in a situation of danger, danger, strong stress or anxiety (e.g. 2 hours of colic in a child), we will not be able to focus our attention as much as we usually do. Therefore, let's check smart products for children when we have time for it and how our cognitive processes are at a relatively good level.

A different attitude towards this type of product may result from the so-called cognitive curiosity. Something will interest us and we want to check how it works. For example, we wonder what can be innovative in brushing teeth and here we have e.g. toothbrush. Nowadays, when choosing smart products for children, this attitude most often drives me. And the more I test, the more curious I get.

We can have a different approach when our priority is to save time. In this case, we are not entirely interested in technological innovations (although it's nice if we buy something modern), but the functionality of a given product is important to us. In my opinion, there is no more functional device than a cleaning robot. I recommend you an example review of SmartMe cleaning robot. There are also many other smart products (I recommend the entire section Smart Home). These products will save us time and it is worth using them.

There are parents who have an attitude towards smart products that is commonly referred to as "promise". The most important thing is that the product is on sale and especially for them…. Boom ... prom ... prom ... prom. To be clear ... yes, I like to buy promotional items, but fortunately it is not the most important criterion when choosing smart products.

There is also an option called "Rozbaczaki" - if you pay for it, why not 🙂

And as you may have guessed, my reader, when choosing smart products for children, you usually have a mix of the above attitudes. With some products you analyze all technological news and buy the best of ... (enter your category here, e.g. cleaning robots), and with others you buy the first from the brink, because it is on sale. And this is what I do ... recently I have been passionately buying (but not only! :)) gadgets to fight mosquitoes. I promise to do some collective analysis when I test them.

And finally, this question comes up to me… and what's all this for? Why all these smart products for children and not for children? After all, as my dad says… why buy a dishwasher if you can buy so many sponges for washing dishes with this money that we will not use them for the rest of our lives. You know there is something about it 🙂 it is even tempting to test this hypothesis ... but ...

It is in my house that I washes the dishwasher, washes the washing machine and dries the dryer, the vacuum cleaner vacuums itself, the electricity is made from the sun's rays, I finish writing this text on the laptop (I'm sitting on the terrace and I can't hear all these devices 🙂

And in a moment ... the weekend is about to start ... a few friends will come to us, there will be a lot of children and it will be noisy ... there will be a lot of laughter and joy ... and I will not worry about all these household chores ... I will enjoy every moment spent with my family and friends. Life is beautiful and life passes… let's use the free time that Smart Products can give us.

And yes ... there are days when I fall from exhaustion and I do not know my name and no Smart products will help me ... only a reset remains ... that is, sleep ... Every parent has days like this ... and ruler of her time. But after each such difficult day, a new day comes, where smart products make my life easier 🙂 And I am enjoying the time spent with my family and friends again.

Karolina - Smart Mama;) Karolina is the mother of three sweethearts. He values ​​time spent with his family very much, which is why he is constantly looking for Smart Gadgets that make life easier. She tested hundreds of gadgets to choose the best ones. At SmartMe, he will gladly help young and slightly older parents! In addition to the time spent with kids and on SmartMe - he works as a clinical psychologist;)

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