And we are after the Apple conference. There was no iPhone 12, but we got to know a lot of interesting news. New Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, Fitness +, Apple One and New iPad.

New Apple watches - sixth and SE series

Apple showed two new watches. Let's start with the main watch, the Apple Watch Series 6. The main novelty is measuring oxygen saturation in the blood. The new watch will also show more information in the Always on Display. Besides, the new watch also introduces a new band which is actually a bracelet. I am not sure if I like it very much. Its price will be $ 399.

The new Apple Watch SE is much more interesting. It has virtually all the essential features (apart from measuring oxygen) and uses the large screen seen in the new Apple Watch. We get it all for $ 279. I already know what I will exchange my old Apple Watch Series 3 for.

Fitness +

Apple presented a new service during the presentation - Fitness +. It's a fitness service (as the name suggests) that is perfectly integrated with the Activity app and Apple Watch. We will be able to use the offer of Apple coaches in conjunction with music.

I really like the new service, but it won't be available in Poland yet.

Apple One

Apple One is a suite of Apple services we've heard about for a while. Apple has decided to pack them in one package, thanks to which we will pay less for them than if we bought them separately. Apple One will be available in three versions:

  • Individual, where we get Apple TV +, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, iCloud 15 Gb - for $ 14,95
  • Family, where we get Apple TV +, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, iCloud 200gb - for $ 19,95
  • Premiere, where we get Apple TV +, Apple Music, iCloud 2Tb, Apple Arcade, Apple News (not available in Poland), Fitness + (not available in Poland - for $ 29,95

The new eighth generation iPad and iPad Air

The new eighth generation iPad will offer much more performance than its predecessor. Apple boasted quite a bit that it beats all the competition. The appearance, however, remains the same and there are no breakthrough changes here. The price is $ 299.

The new iPad Air got a lot of news. New 5 nanometer processor, display like in iPad Pro, Touch ID built into the button, USB-C for charging, cooperation with Magic Keyboard. Apple has really focused on this hardware this year and it was seen in airtime. The only thing that bothers me is the price - $ 699 is a lot, even for such a nice iPad.

All new operating systems - available tomorrow

At the end, Apple revealed that new operating systems will appear on our devices tomorrow. So I'm in for an update evening! 😀

Source and photos: Apple

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