A large family needs a large refrigerator. Viomi came out with this opinion when designing its new, smart fridge. Its capacity is a staggering 451L, so even the biggest purchases in Lidl or Kaufland should be enough.

Viomi presented its new refrigerator, which even has a capacity of 451L in its name. The four-door refrigerator will be sold for $ 731, or about PLN 2740. Currently, however, pre-sale is in progress and the refrigerator can be purchased for USD 482, or about PLN 1800. For such a refrigerator, the price is incredibly low.

Large screen in a large refrigerator

The refrigerator has a large interactive screen. You can play movies (for example cooking) and music on it. In addition, we will be able to display recipes of dishes that interest us. An interesting novelty is also the connection to the Smart Home ecosystem. The refrigerator will be able to be a Hub from which we can control other devices.

The refrigerator is 836 mm wide, each compartment is 636 mm deep and the appliance is 1830 mm high. The interior has a large capacity of 451 liters, of which the refrigerator compartment is 299 liters and the freezer is 152 liters. It uses 15-layer small compartments to help keep ingredients in an organized way.

The Viomi refrigerator also has a sterilization rate of up to 99,9%, which can keep many bacteria away and prolong freshness. It is equipped with inverter compressors and inverter fans, and the noise level is only 38 dB (A). It also has several energy saving functions.

Source and photos: Gizmochina

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