I like to collect different things, e.g. books and lamps for children. It can be said that I am also a collector of thermometers. Although it wasn't quite my conscious choice. Parent, if you think that nothing will surprise you anymore in this matter ... wait a moment, because you will experience revelation. And it is the Xiaomi children's thermometer.

Xiaomi children's thermometer

First, some history

They say mercury thermometers are the best because they are the most accurate ... until the thermometer breaks. I will not write about the harmfulness of mercury. I will only mention that there is a story in my husband's family that my grandfather, after breaking the mercury thermometer, told me to tear off the dance floor in the whole room. Mercury thermometers me, my husband and I personally say no. I have also been using alcohol and their extremely slow measurement drives my children and me crazy.

Contactless - one could write more than one essay about them. Whoever had, knows that they show very interesting things. I "like" the most when the child has a fever and the thermometer shows 34,5 degrees Celsius. Come on ... Over the past five years, five different non-contact thermometers have passed through my hands and I was dissatisfied with each one. And let me not describe them here, because the very thought of them gives me pressure. By the way, they could add a pressure gauge when buying a non-contact thermometer. At least one device would make sense.

Three years ago, Danone Actimele - Sensor Acti appeared on the market. It allowed to determine if the child was dressed properly for the weather. It had a very nice application and by the way showed the approximate temperature of the child. Temperature measurement was more accurate than the result of many non-contact thermometers. Unfortunately, the device could not be changed battery and I could not use it with the next two kids. If Danone released this device on the market again, I highly recommend it to you.

As a new family member appeared in our house a month ago, I decided to look for a "good thermometer" again. Speaking of a good thermometer, I mean it measures the temperature accurately and quickly. The smart issue and the application were not important to me. A parent whose child becomes very febrile does not think about smart things. He only thinks that the fever should go away as soon as possible. Frequent checking of the temperature results from numerous fears of parents (often very adequate).

Revelation - Xiaomi children's thermometer

And here comes the aforementioned revelation. I mentioned that when buying a thermometer, the application was not important to me, but it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Because what would happen if someone often checked the child's temperature for us? Or what would happen if we had such a guarantee (it is known - 99,9%) that if we fall asleep at night from fatigue, then someone will wake us up when the child's temperature rises? Quite pleasant, comfortable and safe ideas.

Xiaomi Miaomiaoce digital intelligent children's thermometer can do it. He will take care of the safety and health of our child as well as our internal peace and mental comfort. This thermometer measures the temperature quickly and accurately, i.e. it meets the criteria of a good thermometer. It is a small round device that we apply to the child's skin in the place of the solar plexus. We can also stick them to the skin thanks to small, round patches. The patches are included in the set, you can also buy them when they run out.


This thermometer is a smart product because it has a phone application - ZenMeasure - which has proved to be very helpful. Initially, I had problems installing and running it, because it is written in Chinese. Fortunately, we can change the language to English.

Xiaomi children's thermometerXiaomi children's thermometerXiaomi children's thermometer

The application is an additional feature that turned out to be very useful. We can use it, for example, when the doctor asks us about the highest temperature measurement. We can then show a graph on which the amplitude of the child's temperature is taken into account (e.g. at night). In the application, we can observe the temperature increases and decreases in our children. We can add different users and, using the device, create their temperature history. A graph is automatically created during the measurement.

Xiaomi children's thermometerXiaomi children's thermometer

The application allows you to individually set the fever alarm threshold. The factory set alarm threshold is 38,5 degrees Celsius. And take my word for it - the alarm fulfills its function, put me on my feet in one second. In the application, we can also set the night mode, which when turned on dims the display, which allows more convenient use.

Unfortunately, the device does not have a charger attached. The thermometer also cannot be replaced. Thus, we can assume that the thermometer has a fairly limited lifetime. There is a legend that the thermometer charges itself ... We will see, time will tell. So I can't tell you how long this thermometer will last, but I'll let you know when it will discharge completely.

Xiaomi children's thermometer - summary

The question therefore arises: whether to buy a thermometer, although we do not know how long it will last us? Considering all the pros of the thermometer - quick and accurate temperature measurement, monitoring it throughout the night, creating charts and history and activating the alarm when the temperature rises - I believe that such a device should be in every home. I plan to buy to my loved ones who have children. Because, as I mentioned before, the Xiaomi thermometer cares about the health and safety of our children, and also improves our mental comfort.

Karolina - Smart Mama;) Karolina is the mother of three sweethearts. He values ​​time spent with his family very much, which is why he is constantly looking for Smart Gadgets that make life easier. She tested hundreds of gadgets to choose the best ones. At SmartMe, he will gladly help young and slightly older parents! In addition to the time spent with kids and on SmartMe - he works as a clinical psychologist;)

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