It has been known for a long time that people with atypical passions are perceived differently by the family, loved ones and society. After all, it is known that the most interesting hobbies are: "travels small and large", "music" (of course listening, because to play something you have to move your butt) and Netflix and chill (yes you have me - I use a tinder). Truth? Today I will present you my observations regarding the reaction to my "smart passion". Do my relatives accept it? You will find out in this column.

There is one thing you must know about me at first. I love Marvel movies. Iron Man is one of my favorite heroes. I've always watched Tony Stark collaborate with Jarvis with 'glass eyes'. This is how my smart passion was born. I don't like to be bored, which means I try to look for many interesting activities. It started with playing the guitar and terrariums. ventriloquism, illusion, and "circus life". You could say that my loved ones know what to expect from me. What about people I just met? Most react the same way. First it is full curiosity and then a return to reality. What does it look like with a smart passion? I must admit that it is a bit different. I will start my argumentation with my immediate family, and then move on to my friends (as for the people I am just getting to know - I don't really talk about it at my first meetings). I started my smart passion with cleaning robots (first I wanted to buy Roomba, but then I decided to Viomi v2 Pro)

It does not make sense

When I told my parents about the idea to buy such an "invention", I heard that it makes no sense, that it cleans up badly, that the flat is too small, that it cannot handle carpets. This was the case until the parents bought such equipment as a gift. It turned out that the robot is not that bad. It can clean better and more thoroughly, it will go where an ordinary vacuum cleaner cannot reach. Now the whole family has vacuum cleaners - from my Viomi v2 pro to Roborock and Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro. K

The next people are my closest friends. I heard from them that there are more problems with the disassembly of such a robot than with the cleaning itself (yes, it was about robots with a system that autonomous mowers now have - that is, those that set their boundaries "on the wire." I also heard at work that the robot does not clean thoroughly, I even heard the following words from someone: "I like to clean it myself" (greetings to my colleague!).

My next smart device was speaker from Google. As far as parents are concerned, there have been no major problems (the Google Home Mini is inexpensive. After all, it's a speaker). Among friends, his purchase also went unnoticed. Before, I already used the voice assistant on my phone, mostly back then, I was driving a car so it was no surprise. Smart switches were the next step. The reactions were similar: "Why such a thing if you can turn on the light by hand, not by voice ...". Exactly. My goal is to design my apartment in such a way that it is not visible that it is a smart house. The lights can still be turned on manually thanks to the Q-touch touch switches (you can see the review here).

Everything is invisible

Unlike smart light bulbs and other similar solutions. If I hadn't told my family and friends, they wouldn't have even noticed that this is a smart home. A good example is my college friend whom I invited for a coffee. Exactly at the end of the meeting, I showed what my apartment can do. Her reaction was invaluable. "I am afraid of this apartment" - expressed in a slightly playful tone. Exactly, but is everyone convinced of the smart home?

Rather not enough to introduce more (or any) solutions of this type, but they can notice the advantages of these solutions. Parents see the advantages of a vacuum cleaner and a surveillance camera. Friends notice positives such as the fact that I can control the whole house from anywhere in the world, and savings that result from, for example, setting various types of "scenes". At work, they start to be interested in the Google assistant (and it all started with showing the weather function on the phone).

I also often talk to my friends about my smart home development plans. Then I see the interest. They can also advise on what to add. Interestingly, my friends often ask for advice on various devices that make life easier. It is a nice feeling, but as with any passion, you have to acquire some kind of knowledge in order not to fall on the "wall".

How is it with you?

Will it be the same with you? There is a good chance you will. Maybe you will also spread your passion to your friends. It is possible that I had it easier because of my unusual passions. There is no clear answer to this. Whatever happens, remember. Smart passion is completely absorbing. There will always be something to correct or add. And your friends? They will start to understand your hobby if you start telling them about it and introducing them to the benefits. This is the key to understanding.

And how did your closest ones react to the fact that your home "lives"? Share in the comments.

Paweł is a very positive person who has more than one secret 😉 He loves Google Home and everything that can be connected with it. He is not afraid to express his opinion, and his goal is to design a smart home so that it is not visible. He gladly reviews both Smart Home products and cameras - e.g. cars.

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