The concepts of Smart Parent - Smart Dad and Smart Mama - can be looked at from many perspectives. However, I will not write about these basic values ​​- ensuring safety and a sense of being loved, understood and respected, because it is clear to me and to most parents like the sun. I will mention ways and smart products that support being a parent.

All our entries, where Smart Parent appears, will result from the above values ​​and parental tasks, as well as from an attempt to make life easier. Yes, Smart Parent, you have the right to make your life easier! Raising a child is a huge challenge and all attempts to make life easier are not something bad. Ba ... they are even desirable - thanks to them you will gain more time for yourself and your child.

I will share my first parental fears. Before the birth of my first child, I was so afraid that my son would not sleep, that I bought a million gadgets to help sleep. And yes, of course, when you use a million gadgets, the effect is usually counterproductive. In this way, however, I learned what works and what does not work when putting children to sleep. Fortunately, I quickly came to what is good for my son and in this way my other two children had only proven smart products 😉

I am constantly developing in this area. My friends sometimes have fun as I show them new gadgets for children. Some of them work and some do not. But we're still trying new smart products to make life easier. In order to have more time (whoever has a cleaning robot knows what I'm saying). In order to develop and spend time more pleasantly with your children.

To be a Smart Parent you do not need to have a master's degree in computer science. It's enough to have childish curiosity about technological innovations and smart products for the youngest. Above all, however, you must remember that making your life easier is not a bad thing in raising children!

Smart Parent

If you, the Smart Parent, understand these concepts differently, remember that your point of view is just as important as mine or someone else's.

Have a nice reading! More entries will appear soon.

Pictures from Alexander Dummer, Heike Mintel and Mi Pham na Unsplash

Karolina - Smart Mama;) Karolina is the mother of three sweethearts. He values ​​time spent with his family very much, which is why he is constantly looking for Smart Gadgets that make life easier. She tested hundreds of gadgets to choose the best ones. At SmartMe, he will gladly help young and slightly older parents! In addition to the time spent with kids and on SmartMe - he works as a clinical psychologist;)

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