It's weekend. In connection with the release of restrictions, many accommodation facilities have opened. So many Poles went on a journey around Poland. We checked how hotels and guesthouses were prepared, and suggested what they could do to increase the sense of security.

In this post, we will present good practices that we have learned and suggest what else you can do to improve security. Around 2/3 of all accommodation facilities have been opened in Sopot. The most important thing is that it is safe and that the customer can be sure of it.

We will present you with some interesting solutions that can be found or implemented in accommodation facilities. If you have your own thoughts or ideas on what else to add, let us know.

Virtual check in

Check-in does not need to be at the reception. Many accommodation facilities offer the option of virtual check-in through the use of portals such as Thanks to using online check-in, contact between the receptionist and the client is limited. It remains only a matter of handing over the key, for which we also have an idea ...

Smart locks

Smart locks can be a bargaining chip when determining security for visitors. They consist in the fact that they can be opened remotely or give access to the person who visits the object. And all this can be done without meeting face to face.

The owner can therefore give guests a temporary pin that will only work during their stay. It sends such a pin via SMS and avoids the need to provide the key. Such a lock can be installed both in the front door and in individual rooms.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the need for visitors to wear protective gloves when entering a pin.

Inform about disinfection of the room

Another important thing is the required disinfection of rooms in hotels and guesthouses after each guest. It is worth informing visitors that their rooms have been disinfected. Such information may be provided in the form of a door tag or an SMS.

Even if disinfection has been carried out and the site has posted a message that such action is taking place, it is certainly good to inform guests directly.

Controlling the TV from a smartphone

Many people will try to limit touching objects that are in the room, even though they are disinfected. And one such item can be a TV remote control.

If the hotel room has a TV with WiFi function, it is worth using it, and then configure the network connection and check its IP address. Then you can pass such data to hotel guests with information that the TV can be controlled via a smartphone.

There are a lot of applications in the App Store and Google Play that are universal remote controls. In the information for guests you can recommend the manufacturer's application. In principle, each TV has its own control application.

Smart room

Both in terms of security as well as technological innovations, rooms can be equipped with smart solutions. On our website we prove that controlling e.g. light does not have to cost much.

The rooms can be placed intelligent lighting or lighting controls. In conjunction with motion sensors and temporary granting of access to a guest room, you can offer a room in which visitors will control everything using a smartphone.

Food delivery

A good move is to inform the guest about all restaurants that deliver food to a given accommodation facility. After all, when hotel restaurants are down, visitors have to eat something.

These can be points that are visible in and those that have not yet appeared there. It should also be noted which offer the non-contact option. For people working in a guesthouse or hotel, it may take half an hour to complete such a list. Visitors will definitely appreciate it.

More ideas?

As we wrote at the beginning, we are waiting for more ideas and solutions. Accommodation facilities will now have to care much more for the safety of their guests. New technologies can definitely help them.

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