The iRobot brand's Polish offer includes three new Roomba 600 series models. Their advanced technological solutions have been hidden in a body designed in a modern style.

iRobot in Poland introduces three new models of Roomba vacuum cleaners. They have markings 694, 697 and 698. They stand out with refreshed design and a full range of proven technological solutions. This is the first and robot update for a long time.

3-step cleaning system

Like all other models in the Roomba range, they have received a 3-stage cleaning system. Thanks to it, the rotating side brush collects dirt from before the robot and those collected along the walls and in the corners to direct them towards the cleaning head. The latter is movable so that the main brushes remain in contact with the ground, regardless of its type. iRobot in its vacuuming robots decided to use two main brushes that rotate in opposite directions. Thanks to this, the first is able to move dirt, and the second is responsible for raising it. The last component of the 3-stage system is the suction force, which causes the dirt to land in the sealed tank of Roomba.

The new models also have a Dirt Detect system. Thanks to it, the robot constantly monitors the amount of dirt collected, in order to pay more attention to places with larger accumulation (e.g. sand at the entrance to the house).

IAdapt is responsible for room navigation for Roomba 694, 697 and 698 models. It analyzes the data from the robot sensors dozens of times per second to select the appropriate behavior pattern. Thanks to this, it is able to, for example, recognize the furniture leg and clean it around it, it will not fall down the stairs, and it will slow down in front of furniture or walls. In addition, for this version of navigation, room coverage is estimated at 98%, and each scrap will be vacuumed several times.

Under (secure) control

These Roomba 600 series models have a number of useful solutions. The first of them is the possibility of setting a work schedule for 7 days of the week, so that the robot starts work at the time indicated by us, e.g. when we are walking with a child or a pet.

The second solution is to equip Roomba 694, 697 and 698 models with a wireless communication module. This allows you to manage the work of the robot from the level of the iRobot HOME mobile application. In addition to the robot handling tools, the app will provide information about his work, advice or will allow us to contact technical support. Connectivity to the home wireless network also allows you to manage the work of the robot through voice assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant).

Design 2.0

For Roomba 694, 697 and 698 models we are dealing with a new main panel design. It has been designed in a minimalist way, made of durable, shiny material. It has a shortened brand logo and three main buttons that allow you to manually manage the basic functions of the robot. Thanks to them, we will initiate or pause the started cycle (CLEAN), send the robot to the docking station if necessary (house icon) or activate the spot cleaning mode, about 1,5 square meters (icon crosshair).

Included with the Roomba 694, 697 and 698 robots will be a power cord and a docking station to which the robot will return automatically after the end of the work cycle or when we tell it to. Suggested catalog price of new robots is PLN 1.499.

Source and photos: Press release

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