Completely crazy about smart. If something new appears, it must be handed over and tested. He likes solutions that work, and hates useless gadgets. His dream is to build the best smart portal in Poland (and later on in the world and Mars in 2025).



The chief sweeper. It is she who builds task lists, event calendars and coordinates the work of the entire editorial team, and talks with producers. Madzia is also responsible for all the films that you can watch on our channel! He likes and edits them 🙂 Do you also like our photos on Instagram and Pinterest? It is also her. He likes when everything is organized, which strongly helps us to overcome the chaos of smart. A passionate traveler and fan of temperatures above 30 degrees. Female orchestra!



Black SmartMe horse. Ania is responsible for everything you see on the site, and therefore for the graphic design, design - everything from the logo to the font. It ensures that all our communication channels are consistent. Like Czaki, he likes to conquer mountain tops in turn. Ania also makes brilliant ice cream - we especially recommend cookies!


Darek (Czaki)

A respected inspector by day and a mountain man by night. In SmartMe he is responsible for the media, i.e. movies and photos that you will see with our logo. He gained his photographic and photographic profession on the peaks of the Andes, the Tatras and everything else, which is at least 4 meters high. He likes Skoda (he already had two and the meter is still beating).



A Polish teacher who saves our lives! No typo or strangely constructed sentence will hide from her. Every sentence on the site must pass its rigorous tests. A passionate traveler, she especially loved mountains.



Common sense. Szymon is responsible for the entire backend of our websites. When something doesn't work, he knows why and, better, can fix it. It makes sure that the website is safe, fast and surprises you with new products every now and then. He participates in runmagedons and board games. He likes to have peace of mind.



They say that Daniel began his adventure with new technologies already in the cradle and there is probably something to it. Until 16, a respected programmer, followed by an editor, ruthless for everything that pretends to be smart. He loves traveling large and small.


A fascinator of new technologies whose ideas simply never end! He is constantly discovering new devices to test, designs smart solutions and builds them himself. An orchestra man who also dances great! Ps. he discovered how to communicate with the Chinese alarm clock, so respect 😉


The great SmartMe discovery. He writes great lyrics and always gets to the point. He can assess smart devices from a completely different angle and has his own fresh look at everything. Her news will always interest you and you will read them with great enthusiasm! It's guaranteed! And this is just the beginning, how many times it will surprise us again? We can't wait!

Martyna (Soszi)

By far the most positively crazy person in SmartMe. He understands, likes and is able to navigate perfectly in Social Media. Oversees Instagram and Pinterest. It is thanks to her that you can see how beautiful technology can be and what our work from the kitchen looks like. Without it, SmartMe would not be so colorful. And he also creates subtitles for our YouTube videos and writes news. Female orchestra!



Electronics is in your blood! Krzysiek is an editor and designer at SmartMe operating in the area of ​​Home Assistant. He often likes to build solutions himself and develop his passion related to smart home. In his free time he loves taking pictures and we love to publish them 🙂


Paweł is a very positive person who has more than one secret 😉 He loves Google Home and everything that can be connected with it. He is not afraid to express his opinion, and his goal is to design a smart home so that it is not visible. He gladly reviews both Smart Home products and cameras - e.g. cars.



Most of us have blood in our veins, but there are those with electricity. This is Rummy. An exemplary father during the day, but as soon as the sun sets, he pulls out Fibaro equipment and looks what else can be removed from them! SmartMe designer and editor


Karolina - Smart Mama 😉 Karolina is a mother of three sweethearts. He values ​​time spent with his family very much, that's why he is constantly looking for Smart Gadgets to make life easier.
She tested hundreds of gadgets to choose the best ones. At SmartMe, he will gladly help young and slightly older parents! Apart from the time spent with kids and on SmartMe - he works as a specialist clinical psychologist 😉


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