In the article I will present how to integrate the Mio Decor mMotion Comfort 90 electric curtain rail motor with Home Assistant. I will use the Shelly 2.5 module for this purpose. Depending on how we have the electric wires in the house, this module can be placed in an electrical box with a switch, in a switchboard or in a box near the electric motor.

Note 1

The presented instruction applies to flats with electrical installation in the TN-S system, i.e. it has properly separated phase conductors L, neutral N and protective PE. This installation should additionally have adequate overcurrent and residual current protection. If you do not have the appropriate skills, connection should be made by a specialist.

Note 2

It happens that in the electrical outlet the L and neutral N phase wires are swapped. Before connecting to the motor and Shelly module, make sure which wire is phase-wired and which is neutral. If you are unsure, contact a specialist.

Mio Decor Comfort 90 motor cable colors

  • Yellow - protective.
  • Blue - neutral.
  • Red - phase.
  • Brown and black - applying a phase to one of them causes the motor to move in one direction.

Connecting without using the Shelly module

On the first two examples I will show the basic connection of the motor to the curtain rod without using Shelly modules. In addition to the traditional wall switch to control the curtain rod we can use the RF remote control or Touch Motion - movement by pulling the curtain.

  • Connecting the motor to the power supply
  • Motor connection to the power supply and switch

(double monostable switch)

You can't see it exactly in the picture, but the brown and black wires from the motor fall into two separate connectors. Each of them also has one cable from the wall switch.

Connection using Shelly 2.5

This is where the description of the steps to be taken to integrate the electric curtain rod with the Home Assistant system begins. To do this, we make the appropriate electrical connection, then configure Shelly 2.5 as a blind / curtain rod, and finally add it to Home Assistant.

  • Connecting the motor to the power supply and to Shelly 2.5
  • Connecting the motor to the power supply, Shelly 2.5 and to the switch

(double monostable switch)

Shelly 2.5 configuration

The following article shows step by step what to do to add Shelly 2.5 to your home local network, configure them to control curtain rods, and how to add this module to Home Assistant using the ShellyForHASS add-on. I invite you to reading.

A card for controlling curtain rods in Home Assistant