It happens that the first time you turn on the device you can not see it in the Xiaomi Home application, which means we cannot install it (connect to the selected house and control via a smartphone). The reasons can be different, including:

  • no WiFi connection (in the router or in the phone),
  • wrong router model
  • no Bluetooth connection in the phone,
  • the need to perform a new device reset (different methods depending on the device),
  • required ZigBee gateway (as described in this Article),
  • the wrong Region is selected in the application.

In this tutorial, I would like to focus on the last point. Devices from the Xiaomi ecosystem will be visible in the Xiaomi Home app only when we set the appropriate Region in the application. For products ordered by stores such as AliExpress, Gearbest or Banggood, it will often be the "China" Region (unless the seller has indicated otherwise in the product description). If we order the device in a Polish store, there is a chance that the Region we will have to set is “Poland”.

The ordered products should be carefully selected, because each time we want to control an element from a different Region, the following procedure should be repeated in Xiaomi Home app, which is time consuming and inconvenient. In addition, you cannot create Rules and Scenes for automation using devices located in different Regions in our application.

Below I present instructions on how to change the selected Region.

1. Launch the Xiaomi Home app

Xiaomi Home - Android

2. On the screen you can see an air purifier connected to the server for Poland. Go to Profile

Xiaomi Home - Screen

3. Go to Settings

Xiaomi Home - Profile

4. Go to the Region

Xiaomi Home - Settings

5. Select the region from the list that interests you (in this case for devices intended for the Chinese market). Then click Save and confirm in the pop-up window that you want to change the region

Xiaomi Home - Region

6. Xiaomi Home app will restart and ask you to log in. Enter your details and click Log in

Xiaomi Home - Login

7. The region change was successful. On the screen you can see my devices connected to the server for China

Xiaomi Home - Screen

8. You can re-enter Profile Settings to make sure which Region you have currently selected

Xiaomi Home - Region

That's all. As you can see, changing the Region in the Xiaomi Home app settings is a matter of the moment. The entire procedure does not require specialized skills and can be carried out by anyone, step by step, in accordance with the instructions described above.

Xiaomi Home App - what you should know?

Remember that the basis of operation within the Xiaomi Home App is the creation of a free Mi account. The registration process itself presents no additional problems. The software of the Chinese manufacturer allows to integrate its devices, which is the sense of designing and implementing a smart home.

Among the equipment adapted to operate with Xiaomi Home App you can mention:

  • vacuum cleaners,
  • washing machines,
  • lighting,
  • camera.

Control over them, as well as remote control are intuitive, as well as setting solutions that automate the work of a smart home. Certain functions work depending on the capabilities of a particular smartphone - for example, an IR LED is necessary to turn your phone into an infrared remote control.

Solutions integrated within the Xiaomi Home app are becoming increasingly popular, among others due to interest in shopping through Ali Express. Launching the official store of this brand in Poland was of considerable importance.

A properly configured Xiaomi Home app allows you to control the already mentioned types of equipment, as well as their automation. Everyday comfort will be felt, among others, in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or other rooms of the house, apartment or office. It can be expected that the coming years will bring further amenities of the Chinese brand.

Interestingly, a few years ago it was not expected that the Xiaomi system would be so popular on the Polish market. No one thought that it would be possible to set the Polish language and Poland as a region. Today, you are not worried about the language barrier or factory settings of devices imported from abroad. Our guide makes setting the right region easier and enables full system integration using Polish.

The development of the Home app coincides with the growing interest in Chinese smart home components. The sale of smartphones and other Xiaomi equipment - among others due to cooperation with leading operators operating in Poland - is one of the most interesting trends in this industry. Counterweight for more prestigious brands inspires Poles' confidence and tempts with a favorable value for money.

Our site was created for users interested in Smart home technology. If you are looking for more information on this topic, check out our social media or leave your comments. We are happy to answer more practical questions about the operation of this application. There are no unsolvable problems, and each setting requires just a few clicks, step by step.

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