Well, the day has come - it's time to sum up the use of Mi Band 5. We have it with us for a few weeks, so we know what it is better in, what has not changed, and what has worsened ... Are you thinking about buying it? Or maybe you already have him and want to get to know him a bit more? We invite you to review!

It was loud about Mi Band 5. We wrote about him tu, tu, tu, still here i then too. In conclusion, we wrote a lot about him. But the band that was supposed to offer so much for so little is asking for comments on its own. We finally got it and could start testing!

Mi Band 5 - first impression and new charging (Yes! Yes! Yes!)

The new band differs from the previous one in two main things. - a new, larger screen and charging method.

Mi Band 5

Let's start with the screen. It is definitely larger than Mi Band 4but that's not the most striking thing. It is also better integrated. With the Mi Band 4 (compared to the Mi Band 3) I had the problem that the screen was very cut off. Its outlines were always visible and it bothered me (just like Magda, who tested the device). This has been improved in Mi Band 5. It is now not only bigger, but it blends better with the whole. Thanks to this, it holds one whole.

Mi Band 5

The second major design change is the way of loading. Could charging make one band much better than the other? This shows that it is. No more taking a tablet and putting it in the charger. Now we have a simple connection method that allows you to charge the band without removing it from the strap. A small change, but still significant! Using the Mi Band is thus much more convenient.

Mi Band 5

Main news and main absent

What are the main news? Even before the premiere, we wrote them out In this article. We will find there, among others, a new method of charging, using the Mi Banda as a trigger for the camera or a new heart rate monitor. What was missing? NFC ...

It was supposed to be, it was almost certain that there would be. And what? There is no ... So if you want to pay with the new Mi Band in the store, I advise you to take your wallet ... There are rumors that it will be new Mi Band 5 Prowhich will have this function. Will this happen? We'll see, but unfortunately he's not here yet.

Mi Band 5

In addition, the new Mi Band offers even more sport modes. If you play sports, you should enjoy the next options. We also cannot forget about the stress measurement function. The new Mi Band will inform us when the pressure jumps too much. So far it was summer vacation, so luckily there were fewer stressful situations. We will see what will happen in September 😉

Screen in Mi Band 5 and new wallpapers

The screen on the Mi Band 5 has grown a lot and a wallpaper store has appeared. We have a really large number of wallpapers to choose from. I am rather a fan of basic wallpapers that come with the equipment, but if you like Avengers or Pokémon, you will find something for yourself.

The screen itself is larger and clearer. Already 4 colors appeared, but now everything is clearer. Similarly with notifications and preview of e.g. SMSs. A larger screen is a good step for Xiaomi. I also have the impression that 1,2 inches is the maximum it should be.

What went wrong?

Not always everything is pink and this time I have a few buts. First, the Polish language appeared very late. Although, is already herebut it should be with the premiere. Secondly, I have the impression that the battery lasts much shorter. It lasted about a month with the Mi Band 4, and about two weeks with the Mi Band 5. If it would happen once… but it looks like a standard rather than an exception. Let me know if you see a similar relationship.

I also have the impression that the option of measuring the menstrual cycle is underdeveloped. After setting everything up, the Mi Fit application exploded ... The first time I had it that even after uninstalling the application and reinstalling it, it would not start. When I finally managed to run it, the application saved an infinite number of one-day periods that cannot be deleted ... Something needs to be fixed, because now it is useless.


One of the new options is the so-called PAI, our own health tracking system. The armband checks our vital parameters on an ongoing basis and "scores" us based on it. If we have more than 100 points, we should have a lower chance of developing diseases such as hypertension, heart disease or type XNUMX diabetes.


There are several disadvantages, there are several advantages. So what is the Mi Band 5 every day? Better. The new screen really helps and I would not switch to the previous model. The new charging method also helps a lot here, because it is easier to charge (even if more often).

In my opinion, it is not worth buying an older model, but it's best to switch to five right away. The price is not that much, and the convenience is much greater. Just let them add these NFCs and it will be nice 😉

You can buy Mi Band 5 now below PLN 100 Of this this link.

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