Change the world. I think this is the slogan for such ideas as this one. This is exactly the company Loon, which is part of the Alphabet group. Which includes Google.

What is it actually about? Loon is an initiative that aims to provide the internet in the most distant corners of the world. However, it is much cheaper than Starlink Elona. Loon is the internet with balloons placed high above the ground.

The first country that can already use Loon directly is Kenya. Until now, the company was rather helping casual during some disasters. This time we are dealing with a real appearance in the country.

Loon and Telekom Kenya

The network is available in an area of ​​50 square meters and was created in cooperation with Loon and Telekom Kenya. Currently, it will benefit 35 people. In the second phase, the size of the surface is to increase to 80 thousand kilometers, thanks to the release of 35 balloons. It is still a piece of Kenya, which has an area of ​​580 thousand kilometers. However, this is quite a significant piece.

Kenya was selected by Loon to test the project. If it works, I will probably keep working. I keep my fingers crossed because the idea is right.

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