This column is dedicated to Xiaomi. Because there is a lot of it around me. When I recently presented smart home solutions, I noticed how many devices of this brand I have. This company really does everything. I will tell you a little about it.

I once read that Xiaomi would like all the equipment in the home of an average Chinese to be with their logo. Looking at my house, I must admit that I could safely lay claim to this honorable group.

Xiaomi started with phones and until recently these were the only products that we did not have. However, older Samsung phones had to be replaced. Suddenly, we saw two Redmi 9 and one Mi 10. Reviews of these phones are still ahead of us, but as always - the price-quality ratio is great. Mi 10 cost PLN 2, while for the iPhone 999 Pro I had to give almost twice as much. And guess which one makes better photos at night? Redmi 11 is a new phone for PLN 9, which is more than enough for people who do not use the phone too much.

Redmi 8A

My home is Xiaomi Home

But Xiaomi is not only about phones. My adventure with this brand really began with Roborock. I've always wanted a cleaning robot, but I couldn't afford Roomba. However, I managed to get through Roborocka S50 in good price. In the first apartment, 28 square meters, he didn't have much to do. With time, however, I moved to a larger apartment and Roborock was finally able to play.

Roborock S50

Along with the new apartment, I also wanted an alarm. However, I couldn't afford the whole wired set, but luckily I got to know Aqara. My first set it was the subject of the first article on this portal 🙂 It also started my love affair with the world of smart homes and laid the foundations for SmartMe. If not for Xiaomi, the portal would probably not have been created, because I would not have been able to afford an alarm, flood sensors, motion sensors, reed switches and a smoke detector.

Aqara Hub

And then it went from the petal. I started buying new equipment and exchanging them for newer models. A ton of equipment with a distinctive logo passed through my hands, but not only that. After all, Xiaomi has more brands under it, so it was Roborock S6, Smartmi humidifiers, Viomi products, and of course Aqara.

Xiaomi evaporative humidifier

What is Xiaomi Home after these two years of operation? Better and better. Everything starts to work better and I have fewer problems than at the beginning. They are still annoying regions of course, but I still like the direction Aqara is headed. I have a couple of new test equipment from them now and this brand will have a reopening soon.

Running advertisement by Xiaomi

I like to run. The last look at the weight (yes, Xiaomi) gave me the idea to run a little more, but that's a different topic. Today I noticed that I am a bit of an advertisement for this brand while running. Xiaomi and Apple in total, because I have AirPodsy and Apple Watch. Besides, however, I run with Mi Band, I have Xiaomi glasses on my eyes (really decent), and Amazfit Antelope 2 on my feet (a total failure for now, but I still give them a chance).

Mi Band 5

The Lifestyle area is another one where the manufacturer Xiaomi begins to push his elbows. Recently I read that they even want a special T-shirt. Therefore, we are moving far away from electronics and heading for completely different regions. However, as much as I love Mi Banda, I think that the shoes need to be worked on.

The crazy world of Xiaomi designers

There is also a whole range of Xiaomi products, which I would call "what the author meant". We even chose one time the most surprising Xiaomi product of 2019. I don't know what is behind some of the ideas of Xiaomi designers but I suspect they have a special cube with different products they throw. They then combine the three flushes into one product. It can be a purifier, a humidifier and a temperature sensor, but more often it will be a toaster, a faucet and an icarus joint. Best of all, they'll do it ...

There are also products that are simply intriguing. Who else would come up with the idea of ​​putting the camera in an ear cleaner? Who later, probably at some meeting, agreed to this idea and had it produced? Well. Someone had to do it because this is it real product.

Xiaomi in Poland - knows how to use these blocks

What I like this year is Xiaomi's offensive to the Polish market. A rash of shops, products and promotions. In a very short time they managed to develop a really strong brand. When I go to Galeria Katowicka, I go to Mi-Store first, and then to iSpot. Once it would have been unthinkable.

Of course, everyone has a worse moment. Such was the memorable moment at the Mokotów gallery. But Xiaomi came out of it unscathed and continues to fly. It doesn't even stop for a moment. Who knows what will come of this in a year or two?

2020 is the year of Xiaomi

This year is extremely hard. Seriously, every time I fire up the messages it feels like someone is making another move in Jumanji. And what is Xiaomi doing at this time? Number one in the sale of phones in Poland, a lot of new products, Mi Band 5, increasing profits.

I look around and see a lot of Xiaomi equipment. It is the first company to build such a huge ecosystem. Will they actually be able to conquer all of these markets? Low prices and good quality make a really good combination. And even if a few products along the way did not work out. And we? We will continue to review products from Xiaomi and all other smart home manufacturers. Because it is a really fascinating world!

Completely crazy about smart. If something new appears, it must be handed over and tested. He likes solutions that work, and hates useless gadgets. His dream is to build the best smart portal in Poland (and later on in the world and Mars in 2025).

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Polish group Xiaomi by SmartMe

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