I already have one of your questions in my head: why buy a "smart thermometer" if ordinary ones are cheaper? You can find the answer to this question in the review below. So, enjoy the article in which the Sonoff sensor plays the main role!

Sonoff sensor - appearance

We received the product from the store for testing Houseiq.pl. At the beginning, I will traditionally describe a box that looks a bit different than the standard one, and in which the Sonoff sensor is hidden. Instead of a white background, Sonoff chose orange. I think this is an interesting procedure as it is not a standalone device (you need a Zigbee bridge to work).

Sonoff sensor

The inscriptions on the packaging are white. The thermometer itself is small, which is a big advantage as it can be hidden discreetly in the room. A big advantage is the double-sided tape that allows the sensor to be attached, for example, to the wall. The thermometer is white. For me, this is an advantage because the walls in my apartment are of the same color. As a result, the device "blends" into the background. The thermometer symbol is engraved in the very center.

Sonoff sensor


Let's start with the basic parameters. The sensor will show the temperature and air humidity in our house. He does it with great accuracy (I checked with other thermometers). Practically, the sensor is accurate to 0,1 values. The only drawback I noticed (at least in the beginning) was little pairing problems with the Sonoff's gate. I did not experience these problems afterwards.

Sonoff sensor

Sonoff sensor - application

I connected the sensor with Sonoff Bridge (and hence with the Ewelink application). Why? Because we will answer the question from the introduction. Such a smart thermometer gives us a lot of possibilities. The main advantage is that we can check the temperature wherever we are. It's not a great "WOW" option, but it's nice to know.

Sonoff sensor

However, the most important advantage is the possibility of creating scenarios. Imagine it. You have smart thermostats. You create a scenario - "the heater works when the temperature is below 15 degrees, and when it is above 25 degrees it turns off - this scene turns on in the hours when someone is at home" or "air humidity drops below x% air humidification turns on" . It saves a lot of time and money.


Smart temperature-humidity sensor is a very good solution for people who want to expand their home to a greater extent than "turn the light on and off automatically". Other tech fans may skip this purchase. You can buy this sensor pod tym linkiem.

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