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Smart Home

Plots and

Dear Sir or Madam

Thank you for your interest in the design, consulting and configuration of devices in your home.

SmartMe designs Smart Homes in ecosystems:

Home Assistant

The systems are compatible with Apple iOS and Google Android.


We have prepared a set of system configuration packages for you Home Assistant / HomeKit.

Please choose among them or describe your own vision Smart Home. On this basis, we will prepare a quote for you.

A detailed description of the services and packages is attached to this offer.

Equipment selection

  • Selection and preparation of a list of equipment in accordance with the customer's requirements.

499 PLN

Basic configuration

  • Home Assistant system configuration on the miniPC


    HomeKit / HomeBridge system configuration on miniPC

499 PLN

Smart Home configuration

  • Adding devices to the system.

  • Allocation of devices to rooms.

  • Preparation of a desktop with device cards and a preview of house parameters.

150 PLN per man-hour

The final price of the project is confirmed with the contracting authority before the work begins.

  • * all prices are gross prices

  • ** number of man-hours required based on the valuation


  • Emergency reports (from security sensors) to the phone (push, telegram, e-mail) *

499 PLN


  • Add cameras to Home Assistant and configuration of tabs on the desktop Home Assistant with live view, motion detection and notifications (camera must have detection function) **

499 PLN

Smart Home configuration

  • Adding your own profiles (scenes or automation) for any devices.

  • Preparation of scenes for lighting, e.g. Good morning, romantic movie (up to 10 scenes)

599 PLN
  • * the price is for 10 devices

  • ** the price is for 10 sensors


  • Setting up weekly schedules for selected devices within the project. *

299 PLN


  • Adding smartphones as a person at home and displaying them in presence and location on the map.

  • Profile addiction "nobody's home" from the presence of smartphones within WiFi range or the location of users.

299 PLN

Voice control

  • Controlling devices with Google assistant in Polish. **

  • Preparation of scenes for lighting, e.g. Good morning, romantic movie (up to 10 scenes)

299 PLN

Control panel on the wall

  • Configuration of the display controlling the system on the wall.

  • Price for the card.

99 PLN
  • * package of 10 schedules

  • ** Polish language available in the case of telephone control


  • The selection and preparation of a list of equipment according to the customer's requirements in the form of .xls costs 250 PLN.

  • Prices are set individually, based on the design and customer requirements.

  • In the case of configuration at the customer's site - price per 1 km from the company's headquarters in Katowice 1,23 PLN.

  • Cost of long-term consultancy - over 1 month - 1250 PLN / month

  • Packages can be combined with each other, not all components of each package are required.


We offer consulting and configuration. As part of the configuration, it is possible to connect the devices electrically, but the building must have a properly prepared electrical installation.

* all prices are gross prices

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