If you have not noticed yet, then we are hurrying to report changes that are taking place on our portal! Our goal is to provide you with valuable articles every day! And with them develop the entire portal!

Smart Home platforms

At the beginning we had news, reviews and guides. With time, however, when the Home Assistant articles began to arrive, we added a special tab. Later HomeBridge appeared and he also jumped to the menu! More platforms were waiting in line, although there was a lack of space 😉

Therefore, the drop down list "Smart Home" was created! You will find there all the platforms that we test or implement. Below is an up-to-date list that will develop over time:

  1. Fibaro.
  2. Google Home.
  3. Home Assistant
  4. HomeBridge.
  5. HomeKit.
  6. Xiaomi Home (formerly Mi Home).

We also have a puzzle for you. On our group Facebook Smart Home we did a survey about what system our readers currently have. Guess which is the most popular? The answer can be found on group 🙂

IoT - Internet of Things

IoT is very closely intertwined with the subject of Smart Home. One day our smart homes can be part of smart cities. And we love to write about it! Consequently, a new category was created - "IOT". You will find here all articles from the world of the Internet of Things. Both from Poland and around the world. Smart cities, 5G network, communication between products, all infrastructure. The world of IoT is gigantic and fascinating! That is why we will present you the most interesting articles and news!

Even more coming soon!

And that's not all! We are preparing many surprises for you! We will soon introduce you to our next editors and designers who bravely explore the world of Smart for you!

But everything in its time 🙂


SmartMe team

Completely crazy about smart. If something new appears, it must be handed over and tested. He likes solutions that work, and hates useless gadgets. His dream is to build the best smart portal in Poland (and later on in the world and Mars in 2025).

Polish group Smart Home by SmartMe

Polish group Xiaomi by SmartMe

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