In this category you will find reviews, guides and all content related to home assistant technology. Learn more about the Xiaomi Aqara device and many others, which allow you to enjoy the benefits of having a smart home in which the control is intuitive, comfortable and, above all, automated.

What is a home assistant

Simply put, HA, or home assistant, is a free smart home system. How is it possible that we are talking about a solution available for free? This is open source software, therefore every competent user can do something for its development. Home assistant works on various platforms and computers - primarily locally, without the need for a cloud. Hundreds and even thousands of devices integrate with HA, so you can easily develop your own smart home system by configuring a proprietary set of products, for example the Chinese company Xiaomi.

In our guides we suggest how to use this solution effectively and efficiently and what to do to maximize its potential to your needs. The popularization of knowledge on this subject is a building block for the development of the smart home idea. Many aspects related to it are still not sufficiently known in Poland.

Xiaomi technologies

Xiaomi is one of the companies thanks to which the home assistant is gaining increasing popularity. Specifically, Xiaomi Aqara is a startup supported by a Chinese manufacturer and promoting wireless smart home technology.

As part of a coherent system, you can configure various devices, including sensors (sensors), webcams, flush-mounted sockets, light switches, lighting fittings, remote controls and many more.

A feature of the system is also compatibility. Controlling the Apple HomeKit device with a Xiaomi switch is as possible. In our texts we cover many practical topics, there are also reviews of individual solutions. Therefore, we recommend careful reading and encourage you to contact us directly if, under the influence of the content you read, you start thinking about the next aspects of having a home assistant.


Creating the category devoted to home assistant, we could not give up reviews and tests. These types of materials make you learn about technological innovations available on the Polish market as soon as possible.

Our editorial staff approaches these articles in a very reliable way, presenting both the advantages and disadvantages of products. Xiaomi and third-party devices can be assessed through the prism of many criteria, including how the control looks like, which is necessary during configuration, whether the operation is intuitive, which can be achieved by investing in this equipment.

If you expect a thorough discussion of the selected product, regularly visit our site. We write in an accessible language that does not deter neither more advanced nor completely beginners. Although technologies related to smart homes may seem quite complicated, in our articles they are presented in a way that is understandable and encouraging even for a layman.


How to make your own system? How to configure devices that create Xiaomi Aqara or other environment? Can you really connect sensors, cameras or everyday equipment in a smart home? These questions arise naturally, lead to reflection and exploration.

That is why we regularly publish tips that meet the expectations of readers interested in the subject of home assistant, including Xiaomi. Many activities that seem complicated can usually be explained step by step in a very accessible and legible way, without the need for specialized advanced knowledge.

We are aware that finding settings in Chinese or sensor-based devices that have never been used before are situations where outside help is needed. To configure HA, sometimes you need a little patience and a reliable source - such as our website.

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