If you are waiting for the iPhone 12 this September, we have bad news for you. Apple has officially confirmed that it will present them a few weeks later this year.

Luca Maestri, Apple's CFO, confirmed the rumors that had been circulating on the web for at least a few months during yesterday's conference with investors. Until the end, we hoped the iPhones would come in September, but Jon Prosser was right again.

Last year we started selling new iPhones in late September, this year we expect delivery to be available a few weeks later, said Luca Maestri

The Maestri did not reveal what the delay was causing. As we wrote above, rumors that there are delays in deliveries have been going on for some time. The Wall Street Journal reported on delays earlier this year.

So we can expect iPhone 12 in October (if nothing changes). This is not the first time we have experienced an iPhone shipment delay. Breakthrough X premiered in September, but didn't hit stores until November. I wonder why they will not repeat this procedure with the iPhone 12.

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