Are you wondering how American dollars translate into Polish zlotys from the perspective of new devices and services from Apple? You don't have to! We collected them all in one post, adding a small comment 😉 by the way

Apple Watch S6

Let's start with Apple Watch, i.e. new Apple watches. The 40mm aluminum case version starts from 1 899 zł, that is, without a drastic jump to cash. If we want a larger watch, 44 mm, then we have to spend 2 049 zł.

Another option is the Cellular version, which allows you to use the phone without an iPhone. In this case, the prices are as follows: 2 049 zł for 40 mm and 2 499 zł for 44 mm.

And how much is the most expensive watch? In Poland, from what I can see, it is an Apple Watch 44 mm Cellular with a stainless steel case and a leather band. We will pay for such a watch 3 699 zł.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE, or the budget watch, starts with 1 299 zł. At this price, we will get a 40 mm envelope made of aluminum. If we want the 44mm version then we will pay 1 499 zł.

The options from Cellular are also very low in price. 40 mm with Cellular getting too 1 499 złand 44mm with Cellular is a cost in the order 1 699 zł. What makes me wonder is why adding Cellular in SE costs money 200 złand in series 6 - 350 zł...

The watch can also be purchased with a woven Solo band. We have to pay extra for it from 200 to 250 PLN, depending on the version in which we choose it.

Eighth generation iPad

The next new products are iPads, and we will start with the eighth generation iPad. The cheapest eighth generation iPad with 32 GB memory is the cost of the order 1 599 zł. This is a WiFi only version. If we want to additionally call, then the price increases to the amount 2 199 zł.

The option with 128 GB is an expense of the order 2099 PLN. If we additionally add the option of calling, it grows to 2 699 zł.

XNUMXth generation iPad Air

The new iPad Air is packed with new products and when you could see the price at the conference, I knew it would be expensive. The 64 GB version starts with 2 899 zł with WiFi only. Adding a calling function to it raises the price to 3 499 zł.

If we need more memory, then we can try the 256 GB option. But then we have to pay for it 3 699 zł for the WiFi option and up 4 299 zł for the Cellular version. This is how much I used to pay for my MacBook Air.

Apple One

Finally, a surprise, i.e. the prices of Apple One. We will pay for the option of Apple Music, tv +, Arcade and iCloud 50 GB 24,99 zł monthly. For the version with iCloud 200 GB, the price increases to 39,99 zł monthly. It's cheaper than in the states ...

Source and photos: Apple

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