The solar house will be built as part of the Solar Decathlon China 2021 competition. The AGH Faculty of Energy and Fuels has been invited to cooperate in the competition project by the China University of Mining and Technology.

The main task of the AGH UST team is to design the energy side of the house. The university is also responsible for finding partners from research units, companies and people related to modern construction.

"The project is ambitious," Paweł Wajss, a member of the AGH UST team told PAP. As he explained, works - incl. modeling, testing, construction, formalities, construction - they will take a year. Next fall, the building will be erected at its final destination, Zhangjiakou, a city that will host a residential complex for participants in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The house, which will be powered only by solar energy, is to occupy a plot of 4 ares, it must have one storey, and its area is to be 120 to 150 sq m. It will be built in a technology that allows it to be unfolded and folded.

"It will have many helio-active devices, solar panels, collectors, but they will not be able to negatively affect the aesthetics, which is also assessed in the competition," said a member of the AGH UST team. All devices inside the house will also be powered by solar energy - not only during the day but also at night, hence the important - as the scientist explained - the accumulation system.

The name of the competition indicates that it is a "solar decathlon" (solar decathlon) - finished buildings will be assessed in 10 different categories, such as energy efficiency, market potential, convenience, environmental friendliness.

Homes built for the competition will be erected in China and will serve as part of a residential complex during the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The buildings will also be laboratories and models for analysis in the field of energy sustainability.

The Krakow team has already started the first stage of work, i.e. modeling and testing energy systems applicable in the facility. Designs, among others photovoltaic panels, solar collectors, heat and cold distribution systems and lighting. The end result of the work is to be an optimized house of the future in which we can generate as much energy as possible at the lowest possible cost.

The solar house building competition is held regularly on six continents. The Polish-Chinese team will compete with over a dozen other teams from around the world.

AGH is the first Polish university to take part in the global series of Solar Decathlon competitions.

The AGH UST team currently consists of nine people and is still looking for people willing to cooperate on the project. Interested parties are referred to the website: (PAP)

author: Beata Kołodziej

Source and photos: Science in Poland

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