Smart City is a concept that I really like. The entire city in the IOT sounds futuristic, but more cities are experimenting with this idea. One of them is the Chinese Xi'an that decided to use Hikvision cameras.

Like every major city, Xi'an has a problem with the flow of traffic. Streets are not suitable for a large number of vehicles, and it is not easy to widen them. So you have to optimize.

One of the ideas was to encourage people to use public transport. Bus lanes were built, and the buses themselves were zero-emission. But Covid-19 came and people got scared by public transport. They returned to their cars, jamming virtually the entire city. The solution was the use of Hikvision cameras.

“Xi'an city walls prevent the expansion of the city area. So it was only through technology that we could allow the modern city to grow and develop, ”said Lihu Ma, project manager at Hikvision. "The core part of the Hikvision solution is our AI video technology."

Hikvision to the rescue

The city will be equipped with a network of Hikvision cameras. Cameras, controlled by artificial intelligence, will be able to support the city in the fight against traffic jams. They will direct the lights and determine which places should be rebuilt or renovated.

The cameras are also supposed to increase security. Thanks to the high resolution, they will be able to recognize drivers who will commit traffic violations. The cameras will not miss running on red or exceeding the double continuous.

Effects? They are already

The currently used model means that driving through the city now takes 12 minutes less. This is a real saving. In addition, the number of detected road incidents increased by 30%. I wonder how quickly other cities of the world are following in Xi'an's footsteps.

Source and photos: Enterprise IOT Insights

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