The Google Assistant can celebrate success. It is already available in 90 countries and is used by over 500 million people. It also works in Polish. One of the success factors in this case is the continuous development of the assistant. At CES this year, Google has set the bar high and announced some very interesting features. Learn more about how they can improve the device's operation.

The first of them will be automatic detection of products that we can add to Google Home - this function is also supported by the Polish version. When the user configures a new product in the application on Android, then he will automatically get information about the possibility of connecting it to Google Home. A button will also appear in the Google Home app.

Another new feature are the sticky notes available with the Google Assistant. On smart screens, we will now be able to create information cards and share them with the family as part of the application. All we have to do is dictate to the assistant what to write on the card for us.

Google Assistant CES

The next function is "Scheduled Actions". We'll be able to tell Google to turn on some equipment, some device at a given time. For example, a coffee maker at six in the morning and a humidifier at eight. Of course, the equipment will have to be compatible with Google Home.

Another innovation is the ability to read the entire article aloud, such as this one. Just say "Hey Google, read it" or "Hey Google, read this page" and the assistant will read everything to you! The function will be available for 42 languages, including our native Polish language!

The Google Assistant will also be able to delete information that we gave him accidentally. If we accidentally say "Ok Google" we can say "Hey Google, that wasi't for you". As a result, Google will forget everything we told it. The option will be expanded, because we can also order the assistant to delete everything we said to him this week "Hey Google, delete everything I said to you this week".

As you can see, there are a lot of options and it's great that Google is developing its assistant so much.

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As you can see, the new functions available through the Google Assistant, which are also integrated with Google Home, significantly expand the possibilities of this application. Thanks to them, the operation of devices and performing various activities on the Internet is more efficient. Due to the availability of the Polish language, the software can also be used in our country.

Google Home - it must have happened

Google has long ceased to be associated only as a hegemon in the field of search engines. The brand offers users dozens of solutions, constantly invests in research, development and promising startups. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find an area where a company based in Mountain View, California has no applications or devices. The Google Assistant is just one example.

Since the idea of ​​smart homes has found a fertile ground, it was only a matter of time before products finally known as Google Home and Google Home Mini appeared on the market. It cannot be denied that for many of our countrymen, however, these devices remain anonymous. Is it worth changing? Regardless of the final assessment we give for the overall functionality of the device, you should first know how it works, what it is and what possibilities it offers. Attractive price (expected) Polish version and interesting design certainly give a chance to this solution.

What is the Google Home assistant

Before the American group began to develop the Nest series (Mini, Hub, Max), at the end of 2016, Google Home wireless speakers had their premiere. They are characterized by a cylindrical shape and in the basic version have subdued, white and gray colors. To turn on or mute use discreet, touch buttons. From the beginning, you could decide to replace the coating with material and metal models in the colors matching the specific interior.

Less than a year later, a smaller version of the device with similar functionality hit the market. Google Home Mini is simply a smaller speaker, compared in terms of design with, for example, ... a stone. Compared to the first, larger variant, some details about the manual settings have been changed and updated later.

In 2017, the largest model called Google Home Max also appeared on the market, with stereo speakers, USB type C smart sound system. From 2019, the American company began to develop its technologies as part of the Nest brand.

Google Home functionality and applications

The system called the Google assistant is based on voice commands. That's why the whole point of ordering a Google Home or Google Home Mini wireless home speaker is to use their built-in microphones.

Important note regarding the Polish language. As we pointed out in the text, the Polish version of the reading function is one of the novelties that will surely be useful. The problem is that the device has still not been fully presented and implemented on our market. The Polish language raises numerous controversies and doubts. Some Google Home Mini users, accustomed to control with English commands, might be surprised when the equipment responded to Polish words or ... it responded by using our vocabulary. The issue is complex, but we can assume that over time, with the popularization of smart technology, all Google applications will be available in Polish without any major restrictions or complications.

Lighting control

An example application that the Google assistant connected to Google Home handles perfectly is the voice control of lighting. Smart home users often start with such aspects of everyday life as remote, automatic or simply faster light management. A voice message - a set password - is enough to turn off or turn on one or more light sources regardless of whether it is the middle of the night, your hands are busy or you just enter the house after dark.

Multimedia control

Let's not forget that Google Home are speakers and it's worth using their basic functions. Since they receive our personalized commands, they can use a password to activate their favorite Internet radio via TuneIn or a specific disc available on Spotify. Voice media management goes beyond just playing music. Our recommendations may apply to chromecasts, YouTube, Android TVs or even Xbox games consoles.

The argument for "yes" is comfort again. Sometimes a song "comes to our minds" and quiet humming is not enough - we want to listen to it immediately. Now just enter the title and the appropriate command. It's hard to get bored with the Google assistant.

Access to information

Although the lack of full support for communicating with the Google assistant in Polish may bother, knowledge of English allows you to easily get a range of practical information by voice. What is the weather? What time is the nearby supermarket open? Information that Google collects and processes can be transmitted using a command, without having to search for it on the phone or computer. Reminders have similar benefits - instead of setting them manually, all you have to do is "order" and Home or Home Mini controls the time, for example cooking.

Personalized settings

The subject of the article, i.e. other functions of the discussed device, leads to the indication of another benefit. Well, every user of the speaker - Google Home assistant can program commands that relate to more than one activity. For example: one password turns on the lights and the TV set, because that's the habit we have when we enter the house. Sounds intriguing? Let me know if we are to prepare further materials on Google Home (hopefully the fully Polish version will finally appear on the market!).

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