This is one of the most interesting new smart systems this year. Bosch with HomeKit support may interest a completely new group of people with a smart home. And bring many new opportunities for the Smart Home enthusiasts.

The "good morning" system will offer us a lot of HomeKit-compatible devices. We will find among them:

  • Flush-mounted roller shutter controller
  • Flush-mounted lighting controller
  • Radiator thermostat (head)
  • Smart socket with energy consumption measurement
  • Door / window opening sensor
  • Smoke detector
  • Smoke and air quality detector
  • A motion sensor

The update for the Smart Home system has already started, so if you have something from Bosch, you may have already noticed the installation package. The iOS app will be updated on August 6 and you will be able to add devices to HomeKit.

The unquestionable advantage of the system is that everything is kept locally on the gate. Automations are also triggered locally. So, if you are afraid that your data will leak somewhere, it is safe here.

Additionally, a significant part of the accessories operate in the 867 MHz band, so the range should be stronger thanks to greater obstacle penetration.

Source and photos: Smart Apfel

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